About Us

Cannavolve Holdings provides financing for businesses alongside business incubation and acceleration services. Cannavolve relies on a best-of-breed deal flow network to deploy working capital in concert with Advisory and Operational services to public and private businesses. Founded by Seattle entrepreneurs Dante Jones and Eric Swaney, Cannavolve has been building and advising companies since 2011. Over the last eight years, the company has built an international deal flow pipeline, guided multiple companies to revenue, negotiated mergers & acquisitions, and generated profitable exits for both founders and investors.

Cannavolve accelerates client businesses through a proven model of funding; operations; product launches; and ongoing sales, marketing, and expansion into new markets. Our business model results in considerable corporate growth and leads to mergers, acquisitions, public offerings, and other profitable exit opportunities. Cannavolve clients have realized rapid growth, resulting in highly successful exits for founders and investors.

Cannavolve clients are innovative companies that have a compelling product, service or brand, and are seeking financing coupled with business or management experience necessary to take their vision to the next level. Typically, our clients are beyond the idea phase and have a product or service ready to go, or are already in the market.

Cannavolve is active nationally and internationally in various ventures, and is constantly exploring growth opportunities in emerging states and countries. Our team is skilled at adapting to ever-changing regulations, and the influx of new competition that is transforming business on a daily basis.