CannAvolve leverages our global network of cannabis industry partners and contacts to drive high-return deal flow. CannAvolve continuously sources new opportunities, as well as develops cross-promotions and joint ventures (JVs) between our established finance, technology, cultivation and lifestyle products portfolio companies. CannAvolve clients are introduced to the team at Pacific Growth Capital, thus enabling a synergy between ventures while providing a mechanism for our clients to access working capital.

CannAvolve actively works with clients in the following sectors of the marijuana and hemp industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Lifestyle Brands & Accessories
  • Licensed Farming & Extracting
  • Marijuana & CBD Retail
  • Media & Advertising
  • Technology & eCommerce
  • Property Acquisition & Management

Pacific Growth Capital – Financial Services

Pacific Growth Capital (PGC) works with innovative, entrepreneurial companies to help capitalize on the growth in the cannabis and hemp markets. In M&A, PGC primarily represent sellers of cannabis-related businesses in finding buyers and negotiating transactions to a successful closing. PGC draws upon decades of M&A experience in early stage growth, tech, wireless, internet, service and industrial businesses. The team has over $10 billion of cumulative transaction experience across a wide range of industries and deal sizes, from angel funding rounds to billion-dollar deals with public acquirers. For companies seeking to raise capital, PGC’s  Spark™ network connects entrepreneurs, accredited investors and service providers via a single, secure online platform.

Revive Now – Consumer Health & Wellness Products

With the North American CBD market projected to grow to $2.1 billion by 2020 – a 700% increase over 2016 – CannAvolve has developed and is marketing a high-quality line of full-spectrum hemp extract products under the Revive Now brand. Tinctures, Softgels, Creams, Powders, GumDrops, Inhalers and Pet Products are wholesaled to other white label distributors, as well as sold directly to consumers on Amazon and other internet marketplaces.  

Cannabis Club TV – Digital Media & Entertainment

CannAvolve is advising this highly popular broadcasting network devoted to the cannabis industry with sales and marketing strategies to extend its reach into recreational markets. Certified by Tommy Chong, Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) content is viewed in-store, online, on-demand, and via a mobile app. Currently installed in more than 100 nationwide locations, the network takes cannabis-related news, entertainment and business content into dispensaries and recreational shops throughout the U.S., bringing valuable marketing and branding opportunities that help cannabis businesses reach and engage with customers.

Green Ambrosia Jamaica – Licensed Grower and Extraction Facility

Green Ambrosia Jamaica is a low-cost, high-quality commercial hemp producer, manufacturer, distributor and exporter. One hundred percent of the hemp grown by GAJ is used in developing and manufacturing new consumer products, and the GAJ extraction facility provides economical extraction and product development services to other Jamaican hemp and cannabis growers.

Best Inhaler

CannAvolve is leading the launch and global distribution of a revolutionary new lifestyle Inhaler product that will change the way consumers consume cannabis and enjoy the non-intoxicating benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract. Based on a long-standing and successful partnership with a previous CannAvolve investor, the inhaler product is currently going into production in multiple states including California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Oregon, and in countries including Canada, Australia and beyond.