CannAvolve leverages our global network of cannabis industry partners and contacts to drive high-return deal flow. CannAvolve continuously sources new opportunities, as well as develops cross-promotions and joint ventures (JVs) between our established finance, technology, cultivation and lifestyle products portfolio companies. CannAvolve clients are invited to pitch in front of the Cannabis Investment Network, thus enabling a synergy between ventures while providing a mechanism for clients to access working capital.

CannAvolve actively works with clients in the following sectors of the marijuana industry:

  • Financial Services
  • Lifestyle Brands & Accessories
  • Licensed Farming & Extracting
  • Marijuana Retail
  • Media & Advertising
  • Technology & eCommerce
  • Property Acquisition & Management

Cannabis Investment Network – Financial Services

The Cannabis Investment Network (CIN) is the Northwest’s only angel investor network focused exclusively on connecting investment capital to high-quality growth opportunities in the cannabis industry. Launched in early 2017, to date CIN has helped fund 10 promising cannabis startups, and is extending its investor events beyond Seattle and Portland to the Eastern Seaboard, Midwest and Texas. Companies in CannAvolve’s deal flow pipeline seeking from $500k to $3mm in investment are strategically put in front of the Network on a deal-by-deal basis, with others looking for $5mm to $50mm in investment presented through a partnership with a global ultra-high net worth network of Family Offices. CIN also offers M&A and Debt Financing services.

Cannabis Club TV – Digital Media & Entertainment

CannAvolve is advising this highly popular broadcasting network devoted to the cannabis industry with sales and marketing strategies to extend its reach into recreational markets. Certified by Tommy Chong, Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) content is viewed in-store, online, on-demand, and via a mobile app. Currently installed in more than 100 nationwide locations, the network takes cannabis-related news, entertainment and business content into dispensaries and recreational shops throughout the U.S., bringing valuable marketing and branding opportunities that help cannabis businesses reach and engage with customers.

Marprod Farms – Licensed Producer/Processor

This licensed Tier 3 WA State Producer/Processor recently doubled its growing capacity and harvested more than two tons of cannabis in Fall 2017. CannAvolve is advising Marprod on low-cost, high-yield growing and processing techniques that can be applied in other legal jurisdictions around the world.

Yakima Weed Company – Licensed WA State Retailer

One of the first retail stores established in Yakima County, this licensed high-volume WA retailer is currently working with CannAvolve on its product development, marketing and community outreach strategies.

Green Ambrosia Jamaica – Licensed Grower and Retailer

With more than 3.6 million visitors a year, Jamaica is projected to generate up to $300mm in consumer marijuana sales over the next three years. CannAvolve is helping Green Ambrosia establish a government licensed farm-to-retail-shelf production line that combines growing, transporting, and sales at tourist-heavy retail locations across the Island. CannAvolve is advising members of Parliament on “best practices” for a successful regulated industry, and also developing a low-cost farming operation that leverages Jamaica’s year-long outdoor growing season and low-cost labor pool.

Vast Distribution

CannAvolve is leading the launch and global distribution of a revolutionary new lifestyle Inhaler product that will change the way consumers enjoy and consume cannabis. Based on a long-standing and successful partnership with a previous CannAvolve investor, the inhaler product is currently going into production in multiple states including California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Oregon, and in countries including Canada, Australia and beyond.