Through our partnership with the Cannabis Investment Network (CIN), CannAvolve offers a suite of investment platforms to connect promising cannabis companies with accredited and institutional investors. CIN also offers M&A services and Debt Financing packages, as well as corporate sponsorships for ancillary and services companies looking to tap into the cannabis community.

Northwest Pitch Events: Designed for cannabis companies seeking  from $500,000 to $3mm in private investment. Next Pitch Event in Seattle: January 24, 2018. 

Solo Pitch Events: For companies requiring up to $3mm in growth capital, this forum puts one company in front of a smaller group of 5-to-10 angel investors. Tapping into the Northwest’s robust angel investment community, these Solo Pitch events run 90-minutes and are hosted in an intimate dinner setting conducive to in-depth conversations and Q&A.

Wealth Management Group Pitch Conferences : In partnership with a highly respected, global consortium of more than 600 family offices representing over $300bb under management, CIN brings cannabis companies seeking to raise from $5mm to $200mm to the attention of prominent private wealth management advisors serving ultra-high-net-worth investors across the Eastern Seaboard, the Midwest and Texas.

Wealth Management Solo Pitch Dinners: Through our Wealth Management partnership, a company seeking upwards of $5mm in capital may be invited to pitch to 20-30 ultra-high-net-worth investors. These two-hour Solo Pitch events are held over dinner and hosted in major cities across the country. 

M&A Strategic Advisory Services: Through a combination of the Wall Street experience of CIN co-founder Ed Harris and CannAvolve CEO Dante Jones, along with our extensive network of industry connections, we provide unparalleled service to buyers and sellers of privately-held cannabis businesses in M&A transactions.