The Cannavolve team is passionate about the power of business to improve lives and generate solid financial returns for owners, employees and investors — whether through scaling sales, distribution and operations, or by structuring partnerships that lead to profitable mergers and acquisitions. Companies in the Cannavolve portfolio gain access to our international network of business innovators and partners.

Cannavolve provides business answers in the form of working capital, advice, and strategies to private and public companies, helping our clients rise to the top in the global economy by generating profits and exit opportunities. We work with business owners and company stakeholders to pinpoint and fix “what’s wrong” — their revenue model, their high costs, their marketing and brand voice, their employees, their licenses, or their partnerships — and then apply our industry and business expertise to position them for financial profitability, long-term success, and a rewarding exit.

Cannavolve markets a turnkey suite of funding, financial, advisory and operational services that are applied throughout a company’s lifecycle — from seed stage, through manufacturing and operations, to profitable exits. Our business model is predicated on our team’s deep experience and long-term success in business, as we understand and appreciate that many companies share the same sets of  challenges — be they financial, human or operational.

Cannavolve Service Lines:

Financing Services:

  • Lease financing covering land and equipment leases returning fixed payments and profit sharing.
  • Debt financing returning fixed payments with profit sharing requiring corporate oversight to ensure a successful venture.
  • Equity investments returning fixed dividend payments and equity positions requiring corporate oversight to ensure successful venture.
  • Access to Accredited Investors and VCs looking for investments in Cannavolve projects.

Advisory Services:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Financing and Investment Strategy
  • Technology Integration and Best Practices
  • Business Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Startup Business Planning and Leadership Development

Operational Services:

  • Executive Recruitment and Management
  • Project Management
  • Branding and Marketing Management
  • Sales Pipeline Development
  • Product Distribution and Logistics

Incubation and Acceleration Services:

  • Management and Oversight
  • Business Development (Sales, Revenue Streams and Partnerships)
  • Business Administration (Contracts, Agreements and Filings)
  • Marketing Development and Operations
  • Sales Development and Operations
  • Production/Manufacturing Operations